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A12 year old boy became a hit on youtube with his cover version of Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi. While he was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Lady Gaga called him to wish him luck. Lady Gaga told him to “Keep following your dreams and work really hard and stay away from girls and be focused!” He recorded him singing it at a talent show in Edmond, Oklahoma City on April 12. He uploaded it to facebook and later youtube, where it suddenly exploded with viewers. Ellen DeGeneres producers noticed his talent and has been talking to him. He said he has been learning piano for 3 years but has never received vocal coaching. Lady Gaga told him that she was so excited that he covered Paparazzi!



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Iraq: Toll in Sadr City Blast Rises to Nine

A late night car bomb that tore through a cafe in Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood appears to have detonated prematurely, killing three suspected militants riding inside, police said Thursday.
The police said at first it was a parked car bomb but the reports reveal that the car was moving when it exploded. Three bodies were found inside which suggested they were heading to another target.


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My heart was stolen…& i  don’t want it back

This article was about a girl that went with her church to Sudan in Africa. She starts out by saying she never thought about going there but she decided she would go since some people from her church was going. She said that this trip changed her and there where so many great moments. On her bed was a net that she had to sleep under and above the bed was a fan but it only worked for two hours and once it went off she started to sweat. The roads were awful and the little kids at the orphanage only had one outfit and that was the yellow and red uniforms that they wore. The kids loved the camera. It made them so happy seeing themselves in a picture after they made a funny face. Even though some kids where sick or injuried they still smiled.They sky there was beautiful. This is what the whole article talked about and a lot more details. To visit this article click HERE!!

…Peggy Noonan…

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1. Who is Peggy Noonan?
She is an American author, a weekly columist, a primary speech writer and special assistant to President Ronald Reagan.

2. List some of her accomplishments.
She is an author of seven books, Five of her book’s have been New York Times bestsellers, She was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on America: A tribute to Heros, and before the Reagan years she worked as the daily CBS Radio commentary writer for anchorman Dan Rater at CBS News.

3. What was her role in working with the late President Ronald Reagan?
She was a primary speech wrier and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and in her political writings is considered a Republican.

And this next questions is probably the toughest…and most important for your presentations.
3. What format for delivering a speech does Peggy Noonan recommend that you always follow?

  • Finding you own authentic voice
  • Developing a text that interest you
  • Acing the all-important first paragraph
  • Using logic to move your audience
  • Creating, developing, and reinventing the “core speech” for diverse audiences
  • Strengthening your speech with a vital element: humor
  • Winnowing your thought down to the essentials
  • Handling professional jargon, clichés, and the sound bite syndrome
  • Presenting your speech in the best way
  • Collecting intellectual income–conversing your speech treasures
  • Breaking all the rules and still succeeding
  • Reading for inspiration–how to use the excellence of others

I know you guys probably went to Wikipedia to get your info.
4. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Mrs. Noonan?
She worked for a President!!!

iPad gets sued by Nokia

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1. What are the latest headlines ?

  • Nokia sues Apple over technology
  • Prosthetic vies for hi-tech award
  • Demand grows for electronic polls
  • Facebook fixes embarrassing flaw
  • Games giant teams up with Facebook

2. Nokia sues Apple for ‘patent infringement’
This article is about how Nokia sued Apple claiming that the ipad and iphone infringe 5 of its patents. Nokia has invested about $51bn in research and development and haas rounded up 11,000 patents, so they have taken this step of sueing to protect the results of there pionering development and to put an end to other companies using nokia’s patents. When companies usually have a patent dispute, which are common in the technology industry, they usually end in some kind of licensing agreement. Nokia made the lawsuit against Apple the day that Appla announced that the iPad would go on sale in nine countries outside the US on May 28.

Garrett’s Website…..

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Site Purpose

1.Does the site have a distinct, easily recognizable purpose? Yes

2.Is that purpose reinforced throughout the site? Yes

3.Does the site prominently feature the company’s Unique Value Position (USP) on the home page and primary entry pages. You only have a few seconds to capture a customer/visitor. You need to rapidly tell them why you are different from other similar companies / sites? Yes

Content is King

1. Does the site have a substantial amount of significant, interesting text and visual content for its target audience? Does it have better content than its competitors.Does the site have a substantial amount of significant, interesting text and visual content for its target audience? Does it have better content than its competitors? Yes


1. Does the site have a consistent feel and appearance or does it feel piecemeal constructed? It has a consistent feel
2. Easily Navigated? Yes
3. Is the site too deep? No
4. Is the use of scrolling minimized, especially on primary navigation pages? Yes

5. Are navigation methods consistent and in similar locations? Yes
6. Are symbols, icons, photos or graphics used for navigation obvious in terms of what they represent? Yes
7. Does the home page establish the basic navigation methods? Yes
8. Are places viewers are to click obvious? Yes
9. Is a consistent navigation bar(s) provided? Yes
10. Is the color code on the links and previously followed links intuitive? Are they easy to see against the background color and images? Yes


1.Would it be considered visually appealing by its target audience? Yes


1. Besides having a consistent feel throughout the site, is that feel and image consistent with the image and feel presented through other media and the products of the company involved? Yes
2. Does each page bear the corporate logo? Yes
3. Are colors consistent with other corporate images? Yes



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1) What the article is about?
This article is about how people who are 18 or about to be 18 should register to vote. It also talks about how they are trying to get the seniors who are able to register so they can vote. They say that they are trying to instill the fact that if they don’t vote, they won’t have a say in our government.

2) Do you think it is important to vote and why?
Yes because everyone should have a say in who they want to win elections. i think everyone should have a say in what happens.

3) Does voting really matter, does your vote really count?
Yes and yes your vote really counts.