My heart was stolen…& i  don’t want it back

This article was about a girl that went with her church to Sudan in Africa. She starts out by saying she never thought about going there but she decided she would go since some people from her church was going. She said that this trip changed her and there where so many great moments. On her bed was a net that she had to sleep under and above the bed was a fan but it only worked for two hours and once it went off she started to sweat. The roads were awful and the little kids at the orphanage only had one outfit and that was the yellow and red uniforms that they wore. The kids loved the camera. It made them so happy seeing themselves in a picture after they made a funny face. Even though some kids where sick or injuried they still smiled.They sky there was beautiful. This is what the whole article talked about and a lot more details. To visit this article click HERE!!


~ by rollingsal on May 11, 2010.

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