iPad gets sued by Nokia

1. What are the latest headlines ?

  • Nokia sues Apple over technology
  • Prosthetic vies for hi-tech award
  • Demand grows for electronic polls
  • Facebook fixes embarrassing flaw
  • Games giant teams up with Facebook

2. Nokia sues Apple for ‘patent infringement’
This article is about how Nokia sued Apple claiming that the ipad and iphone infringe 5 of its patents. Nokia has invested about $51bn in research and development and haas rounded up 11,000 patents, so they have taken this step of sueing to protect the results of there pionering development and to put an end to other companies using nokia’s patents. When companies usually have a patent dispute, which are common in the technology industry, they usually end in some kind of licensing agreement. Nokia made the lawsuit against Apple the day that Appla announced that the iPad would go on sale in nine countries outside the US on May 28.


~ by rollingsal on May 10, 2010.

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