My hobby

1. Research several websites to find one article that provides information about your hobby/interest.  Your article must come from a reputable source such as a major organization with an established website OR an industry expert/professional.  For instance, if your hobby is snowboarding you could find an article from a professional snowboarder or from an organization that is an authority on snowboarding.
2. Write a brief summary of the article and post it to your blog.  Don’t forget to include a photo in your post and a link to where you found the article.
This article was about a professional photographer named Daniel Colegrove. In this article he talked about professional wedding photography and what it takes to be one. He talks about how to be a wedding photographer you must be both emotionally and psychologically flexible  without showing it. Even though most all professional photographers are expensive you are better off to pay for them. It is also good to have 1 or more other cameras just in case. It is also nice to take the bride and groom out by themself and take some pictures of just them. Thats what my article was about. Daniel Colegrove
3. Finally, go comment on someone else’s blog post from the class.  Just check out the article they selected, read what they have written, and tell what you learned or what interested you about their post.


~ by rollingsal on February 9, 2010.

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  1. I ❤ PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! lol

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