Web Design questions 7

Read the pages in your folder to help prepare you for the quiz tomorrow on basic camera settings.

Begin again with the first page from Exposure Basics II and read until the end.
When you finish, blog about what you learned.

What i learned from this pages is what shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO is and how it is used when taking pictures. Shutter speed allows you to choose how motion will represented. Shutter speed also has a profound influence on how steady the image appears. The aperture refers to the diameter or the opening in the lens through which light travels when an exposer is made. The higher aperture numbers represent the narrower openings. Aperture is a way to control light volume. The ISO number defines just how sensitive the sensor is to light. When light gets low and the shutter speed gets slow it is a good idea to ensure a steady shot by using a high ISO setting. The sensitivity of the sensor is calibrated by your setting an ISO number. Most of the time you will usually need a higher ISO setting in low light and want a lower ISO setting in bright light.


~ by rollingsal on February 4, 2010.

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