Web design question 6

Blog Post (45 min)
1. First, find a recent news article about Google online. Go to your blog and post the title and location of your article. Then write a brief description telling what the article is about as well as your thoughts on the article.
Google online Google Chrome OS Tablet Draft Design Goes Online

2. Next, go explore all the different apps and related apps that Google supports. Click this link: Explore Google
Find your 3 favorite apps and blog about them in your blog post. List your favorite, tell what they do, and tell why you chose them as your favorite.

Picasa- find edit and share your photos. I choose this one as a favorite because love to take pictures and it would help me edit them afterwards.

Youtube – lets you watch upload and share videos. I choose this one because i like to watch videos.

Desktop – lets you search and personalize your computer. I choose this because i like to personalize my desktop.

3. Next, answer the question “Is Google Taking Over?” Just give your opinion and tell why. Again, post your comments in your blog post.
I think google is taking over because they are one of the most popular web search engines and  it keeps creating new and better things.
4. Finally, go check out your favorite “international” city using Google’s street level view to ride around the city. Here’s a link to get you started. Street View Gallery


~ by rollingsal on February 3, 2010.

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