Web Design question 5

1. What is a Photoshop action and Why would you want to use one ?
A Photoshop action is a tool to help edit an image using a computer program. I would want to use one because they can be used to speed up repetitive tasks, make quick work of time consuming edits, and give you a little creative inspiration.

2. Visit a few websites (google search) that show examples of actions and give a
link to your favorite website showing actions.
Photoshop Actions

3. Post an example that shows what an image looks like before and after using a Photoshop Action.

4. Finally, read the printed handout called “Image Types” if you’re in 1st or 2nd Period and “Image Editing” if you’re in 4th Period (4th period will need to make copies-be sure to remove the staple). Answer the questions on the last page. Turn your answers in on a separate sheet of paper with your name, date, and course info. Incomplete work will be given a grade of zero


~ by rollingsal on February 2, 2010.

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  1. ummmm this is good stuff i guess…..im sayin this cuz i dont kno wat we supposed to comment about

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